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Add-On Services

Birth Goals + Planning Creation

Phone/In-Person Meeting

(We will to go over birth preference options and education surrounding them)

1 Visual Birth Preferences PDF 

(Purchased & Completed by Doula)


1 Written Birth Preferences PDF + Word Document 

(Condensed & Created by Doula)



Attendance of 2 Hypnobabies classes

(first class and last class are usually the most beneficial for optimal birth support)

Use of typed Hypnobabies course notes

Fear Clearing Session


Birth Rehearsal 


Reserved Back-up Hypno-Doula with guaranteed availability

*Hypno-Doula Birth services are priced in addition to Standard Labor + Birth Package

Belly Casting

Includes supplies, basic cast of belly and breast(s) + reinforcement, sanding, and glaze.

Hands may be added for an additional $75.

Thighs my be added for an additional $50.

A single color may be chosen for an additional $50.


Custom art available at additional fee after consultation.

Nursery Organization

Safety Proofing


Furniture Assembly


Diapers and Wipes Organization


Clothing Organization


Toy Organization


Wall Decor Item Placement

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