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What Our Clients Say

I have had the support of Collin twice now. This pregnancy and birth I got to know her on a deeper level. She saw me and met me where I was at and knew I needed real TLC to have a redemptive birth story. She laughed with me and cried with me and endured my full strength through an unmedicated birth. God knew I needed her to be by my side through it all and my story was rewritten. She forever has a special place in my heart.

- Jackie K

Collin has been a crucial part of my prenatal and postpartum journey. She has a vast knowledge of all things pregnancy, delivery and postpartum including but not limited to lactation, infant care, and mental health. This proved extremely helpful anytime I had questions or concerns during pregnancy and after my delivery. She walked my husband and I through various birth preferences and helped us finalize all of our birth plans, leading to a positive birth experience overall. Collin has radiated positivity and warmth in every interaction my husband and I had with her, and you can just tell how much she cares! Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

- Palak M


Collin was an absolute game changer in my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She always brought such a calming and empowering energy. As a first time mom, I wanted to deliver vaginally if at all possible and to have a positive birth experience. I achieved both. And even though labor was 51 hours and it didn’t go exactly as I’d planned or hoped, I felt calm and confident in my choices thanks to Collin. She helped get me through the pushing stage which was so hard. I literally couldn’t have done it without her.

- Charis H

I found Collin during my second trimester and am so grateful to have had her by my side as I gave birth to my son. Collin has this special gift of gently anticipating what I needed before I even knew it myself. She was there to schedule check-ins with me when I was entirely wrapped up in my stressful day to day life during pregnancy. She asked the right questions and made great recommendations for things that either made pregnancy more comfortable or steered my healthcare appointments in the right direction. She was there weeks after I gave birth to help connect me with resources to help with my postpartum journey. I wholeheartedly felt the love and care that Collin extended to myself, my husband, and our newborn son. Collin truly is next level with her support before, during, and after birth and I can’t recommend her enough!

- Brooke E

Collin was an amazing help during the birth of my son. I am a first-time mom and was very nervous about labor and delivery. In the 9 months leading up to his birth, I had anxiety and lots of questions. Collin was able to answer all of them and ease my mind regarding a lot of my concerns. When my water broke early and unexpectedly, leading to a long and somewhat complicated labor, she was there to calm me down and encourage me. She is super knowledgeable and an awesome support person to have next to you during labor. When I was pushing, she motivated me and helped me birth my son safely into the world. I couldn't have done it without her encouragement and support. If you're considering hiring her, stop thinking about it and just do it. You won't regret it.

- Emily R

Collin is absolutely lovely! She is a very kind spirit, and makes you feel so heard, valued and taken care of. And she’s funny. :) She was so emotionally supportive during my pregnancy, which I really wanted and appreciated. She was also knowledgeable and action oriented with challenges I came to her with. My partner and I loved working with her. We would absolutely recommend Collin as a birth doula, worth every dollar you would spend!!!

- Sydney Slater

Collin is truly amazing. She was an advocate and coach throughout my pregnancy and unmedicated birth. Partner with her immediately! You will not regret it.

- Sloan K

Collin is such a fantastic doula, and I am so glad we found her! From our first phone call, we just clicked, and after meeting in person, I didn't even want to interview any other doulas! She was such a great emotional support as we prepared for our daughter's arrival. Her planning sessions at our home helped us get to know her and feel comfortable, and we never felt rushed. When I was sent directly from my OB appointment to the hospital to be unexpectedly induced at 37 weeks, Collin helped us navigate the change and fears, as our birth plan flew out the window. She transformed my delivery room into a calming oasis, with soothing lights that allowed me to rest during nurse visits, as they could see without having to turn on harsh, overhead lighting. It seems like a small thing, but these are the kinds of details Collin plans for and takes care of. Collin helped me to advocate for myself each step of the way and empowered me to express my needs to my medical team. She was instrumental in helping me process the feelings from a somewhat traumatic birth, and I know that she really cares for her clients. She's been such a great support and will always be a special part of our daughter's life. Thank you, Collin!!!

- Kimberly G. 

I met Collin in the summer of 2018 and took her card knowing that I may one day be interested in her services. About 6 months after that, I became pregnant and contacted her right away to set up a consultation. Collin was with us throughout my entire pregnancy, and I probably would have been lost without her knowledge and support. Although I originally planned to have a natural water birth, our stubborn girl decided to stay in breech position. Collin knew exactly how to outline my preferences for a scheduled cesarean, and I believe it is the reason my birth experience was overall a positive one, despite not being able to have the birth I dreamed of. She goes above and beyond, and our little family is so thankful for her. I know that she will be an important part of any possible future pregnancies as well.

- McKenna B.

If you are in the Charlotte area and are looking for a doula, you need to look no further. She is everything you could want in a doula: knowledgeable, kind, reliable and incredibly, incredibly supportive. Collin schedules multiple pre and post natal visits to plan out your birth preferences beforehand and makes sure you're connected to all of the post natal support and services that you need. While in labor, she is there to support you, including translating the multitude of medical terms that are flying about, being your voice when your birth preferences need to be stated and she's there to help get all of the baby gear into your car when it's time to head home. Collin is well connected in the birthing community and has amazing resources and experts at her fingertips. Collin helped me and my husband when I had to undergo a rather sudden induction two weeks early. She knew who the doctors were, knew about the nurses and provided all the encouragement needed when my baby came too fast to get an epidural. I didn't think that I could make it through labor without the epidural, but with Collin's encouragement and support, I did. At the end of the day, the only thing you need to know is your birth is as important to Collin as it is to you.

- Katie C.

I was so grateful to have Collin as part of my pregnancy and birth journey. I do not do well with hospitals/blood/needles and was having a lot of anxiety about my labor and delivery. After talking to Collin I felt so much better about the whole thing. I learned so much from her and we had plans in place for all different scenarios Even though nothing went according to plan when my son was born, it was reassuring to know Collin was there to support me and any decision I had to make. The support she provided was amazing and I will always be grateful.

-Crystal C.

While I read and listened to every resource available leading up to the birth of our first child, nothing compared to the love, support, and encouragement that Collin provided leading up to and during our birthing experience. Collin advocated for me and our baby every step of the way, was there for us when we were in the trenches of our birthing experience, guided us through critical urgent decisions, provided much needed comical relief and alleviated all fear, giving us the most treasured birthing experience. We couldn’t imagine bringing our child or any future children into this world without her. If you are in the Charlotte area, hire Collin immediately. It will be the best decision you make.

-Kelly R.

Collin is amazing!! Reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and hilarious. She was with us through every step of our birthing experience. From the prenatal meetings to our unmedicated hospital birth to the postpartum follow up, she led with knowledge and made you feel comfortable and supported. We still keep in touch and I feel that I can reach out to her with any questions. Highly recommend!!

-Dani S.

Book Collin as your Doula IMMEDIATELY! Collin was fantastic during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I loved having someone to ask all my questions to or just check to make sure “normal” was in fact normal. Not only was she available to me 24/7, I also had the pleasure of working with her partner when I was having some major Braxton Hicks. She is extremely thorough in understanding the type of person you are, the type of delivery you would like to have, and what you are comfortable with while in labor. Collin helped in communicating all of this once we got to the hospital. I really appreciated how much she took the time to get my husband involved and informed during the process. Thanks to Collin I followed up with my OB a bit sooner than the 6 week check due to some unusual pain I was having and ended up having to have a procedure done. Overall, Collin a a great person and we will be using her again.

- Whitney C.

Collin was phenomenal! She helped my wife throughout her whole pregnancy and gave her some of the best advice that made her feel less anxiety and such piece of mind from day one! Our day of delivery could have gone in a number of directions, but because of Collins attention to detail and encouragement, we were able to have a smooth delivery and everyone was safe and healthy! She also is an extremely cool person to get to know as well, and friend. I don't think there are enough stars above to truly amount for the appreciation we have for her.

- Brooks Q. (Partner)

I adore this person!!! Honestly, my birth story is as beautiful as it is because of Collin. Initially, Collin was not my doula- but when my original doula had a medical emergency Collin stepped in and definitely stepped up. Even though we had really only connected a week or two before my due date, it felt like I had known her, and she had known me, all along. That is the presence that Collin brings- safety, trust, warmth, and a beautiful healing presence. If you are looking for someone who will unconditionally love and support you during your pregnancy and birth, help you to find your wild (because birth is WILD), and just be an all around beautiful presence... Collin is you person. My birth story is beautiful, full of love and support, and beautifully WILD. I am forever grateful xoxo

So, in a nutshell..hire Collin. You won't regret it :)

-Therese N. 

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