What Our Clients Say

Collin is such a fantastic doula, and I am so glad we found her! From our first phone call, we just clicked, and after meeting in person, I didn't even want to interview any other doulas! She was such a great emotional support as we prepared for our daughter's arrival. Her planning sessions at our home helped us get to know her and feel comfortable, and we never felt rushed. When I was sent directly from my OB appointment to the hospital to be unexpectedly induced at 37 weeks, Collin helped us navigate the change and fears, as our birth plan flew out the window. She transformed my delivery room into a calming oasis, with soothing lights that allowed me to rest during nurse visits, as they could see without having to turn on harsh, overhead lighting. It seems like a small thing, but these are the kinds of details Collin plans for and takes care of. Collin helped me to advocate for myself each step of the way and empowered me to express my needs to my medical team. She was instrumental in helping me process the feelings from a somewhat traumatic birth, and I know that she really cares for her clients. She's been such a great support and will always be a special part of our daughter's life. Thank you, Collin!!!

- Kimberly G.

I met Collin in the summer of 2018 and took her card knowing that I may one day be interested in her services. About 6 months after that, I became pregnant and contacted her right away to set up a consultation. Collin was with us throughout my entire pregnancy, and I probably would have been lost without her knowledge and support. Although I originally planned to have a natural water birth, our stubborn girl decided to stay in breech position. Collin knew exactly how to outline my preferences for a scheduled cesarean, and I believe it is the reason my birth experience was overall a positive one, despite not being able to have the birth I dreamed of. She goes above and beyond, and our little family is so thankful for her. I know that she will be an important part of any possible future pregnancies as well.

- McKenna B.

If you are in the Charlotte area and are looking for a doula, you need to look no further. She is everything you could want in a doula: knowledgeable, kind, reliable and incredibly, incredibly supportive. Collin schedules multiple pre and post natal visits to plan out your birth preferences beforehand and makes sure you're connected to all of the post natal support and services that you need. While in labor, she is there to support you, including translating the multitude of medical terms that are flying about, being your voice when your birth preferences need to be stated and she's there to help get all of the baby gear into your car when it's time to head home. Collin is well connected in the birthing community and has amazing resources and experts at her fingertips. Collin helped me and my husband when I had to undergo a rather sudden induction two weeks early. She knew who the doctors were, knew about the nurses and provided all the encouragement needed when my baby came too fast to get an epidural. I didn't think that I could make it through labor without the epidural, but with Collin's encouragement and support, I did. At the end of the day, the only thing you need to know is your birth is as important to Collin as it is to you.

- Katie C.